Leica Q – First Weekend and Initial Thoughts

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Ever since the Leica Q first came out, I’ve had an interest in owning one. However, the price was always more than I was willing to spend. Fast forward a few years, and the price on the original Leica Q has come down to a more reasonable level.

I was able to find a used one locally, and took the plunge. My plan is to use the camera, enjoy the camera, and keep it for a while. I won’t have too hard of a time re-selling, and since I bought it used, I shouldn’t lose too much on the deal.

The images that I’ve been able to produce with the camera are quite nice, but there are a couple of issues that need I wanted to address in this post that. I haven’t seen any mainstream reviewers discuss these issues. Notably, that the EVF is difficult to see in bright light (especially with glasses), the screen isn’t the brightest, you cannot adjust the EVF brightness at all, and the lens isn’t a true 28mm focal length at all. It’s more of a 24mm. I discuss these issues in depth on my YouTube channel (video below).

Even though I wish I knew about the shortcoming prior to purchasing, I am still quite pleased with the images that the camera is capable of producing. I just wish I wouldn’t have been better informed by professional YouTube reviews.

After I own the Q for a bit longer and have had a chance to shoot with it more, I’ll post a full review.

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