Yellowstone National Park


This was my first time to Yellowstone. It was busy, crazy busy! The park rangers were saying that there were more than double the usual amount of visitors this year because of COVID. Fortunately, Jim (my step-father in-law), did all of the driving. He also did all of the parking – he made spots that didn’t exist and got us all around the park. He really is a great tour guide and even helped me hike down some spots that I wouldn’t have dared to do on my own.

It’s an amazing place. We saw many of the usual tourist spots – waterfalls, geysers, etc., but I would love to go there again with no plan. Just find a pretty spot, park the car, and go walk a few miles in any direction with my camera in hand. No schedule, no agenda, just time to enjoy nature. Next time!

Since we were seeing the most frequented attractions, my photos probably look like everyone else’s do. I tried to do a few things to have my photos stand out though. Specifically, I shot with a wide angle lens, used a polarizer, and tried to shoot as slightly different angles – lower, higher, off to the side, etc. My favorite shots though are the ones that were off the beaten path.

I really do need to come here again.

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