Oceanside Beach State Park


We were vacationing in the Tillamook, Oregon area over Memorial Day and were fortunate enough to come down to the beach at low tide. This was my first outing with the new Fuji 18mm f/1.4 lens on the X-T4. What makes this lens unique is focal length and 1.4 aperture at this price point. Sony’s 28mm f/2 is an awful lens. Leica’s Q2 is said to be great, but at $5,500, you could buy two of the setup I’m using and still have money to spare. This Fuji combo is really a great bang for the buck!

I attached a B+W Kaesemann circular polarizer to the front of the lens and pretty much left it on the entire vacation. A polarizer is essential for traveling to the coast because the sand and spray can damage your lens front element, but also there’s so much glare and haze that the polarizer cuts through.

All photos were edited using Lightroom on my iPad.

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