This video was edited on a PC using an i7 8700k processor, 1080 ti, and 64 GB of RAM using DaVinci Resolve. I edited it on a 4K timeline, then switched the project to 8K (with 25% preview quality under playback settings), had to reboot because I kept getting memory errors, then exported with the rendering speed slowed down manually to 2 fps using HEVC h.265 and the Main10 profile.

Even though shooting and editing in 8K RAW with the Canon EOS R5 has quite a few limitations, there’s no denying the quality of the footage. I’ve been wrestling with editing and rendering out 8K. 4K is fine, but who cares about that nowadays?

I’ve fought with GPU memory errors with my 1080 ti and DaVinci Resolve in Windows, crashes on Windows and Mac, Final Cut Pro X on a higher end 16″ MacBook Pro, different CODECs, and more.

In this video, I discuss the trials and tribulations that I’ve encountered just trying to export 8K footage.

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