Saltwater State Park with Retro Gear


Washington State has reopened the state parks, so we had a chance to check out low tide – it’s been a long time.

I brought along the Nikon 60mm f/2.8D (with polarizer attached) and a Nikon D300s. Both of these were bought used for a heck of a deal. If either got wet with seawater or sand, I wouldn’t mind (too much). Besides, it’s fun to see what results you can get with older gear.

I had a D300 back in the day, and I seem to remember the LCD being quite bright and colorful. Maybe that’s just my memory, but this used unit is hard to see in the sun and seems a bit cooler than the actual photos. Even with that, the live view helped in composing some of the lower angle shots. One thing that I wished this camera really had was a tilting screen, but at the time DSLRs didn’t have that. I should have got on my stomach to get some better shots, but I would’ve been a cold, wet, sandy mess – nahhhhhh. The dynamic range is also quite a bit worse than modern sensors, and of course there’s less resolution, but you can’t get these kind of results with a modern camera for the price that I paid.

Bottom line, you can get great photographic results from older gear!

These photos were shot in RAW and then edited using Exposure X5.

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Noah Bershatsky

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