WordPress.com vs WordPress.org vs Ghost vs Static Site Generators – Shot on a Nikon Z6 in N-Log

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I’ve used them all – WordPress.com, self hosted WordPress.org, Ghost Pro, Ghost on Digital Ocean, Gatsby, 11ty, Jekyll, Hugo, and Posthaven. After using them all, I’ve gone back to WordPress.com and am using the business account. In this video, I share all of the reasons why and discuss the cost as well.

4/14/2020 Update:

Since posting the above video, the founder of Ghost has blocked me for 1,000 years (lol)!!! All the more reason why I am glad I made the switch. WordPress.com’s customer support has been wonderful, the platform does everything I need it to do with continual updates, there are plenty of themes, plugins, and forums to get support.

Noah Bershatsky

Noah Bershatsky

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