Desert Botanical Garden in Phoenix, AZ


I’m down in Arizona for business this week, but I was able to visit the Desert Botanical Garden in Phoenix after my last appointment yesterday. It was my second visit to the garden, but this time I took a map with me and didn’t get lost.

The last time I visited, I didn’t use a map, the sun went down, and I took a few wrong turns. Long story short, I ended up in areas that only employees should have been in, took a wrong turn to a service entrance/exit, and had to crash a private function where I asked the wait staff how to get out, but I digress.

It was lightly sprinkling when I was there, so I brought along the weather sealed Fuji X-Pro3 and Fuji 23mm f/2 lens as my kit. Unfortunately, I forgot to bring an extra battery and didn’t charge my camera prior to going. Luckily, the X-Pro3 with the optical view finder can shoot hundreds of photos on one charge. I shot with mainly the OVF, but did use the EVF on occasion. All images were shot using the Classic Negative profile with the cloudy white balance enabled.

The photos below are straight out of the camera:

Noah Bershatsky

Noah Bershatsky

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