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My mother is in town visiting, and she’s never been to the local museum. It’s also the last week that the Tacoma Art Museum has the Simpsons exhibit. Being Christmas Eve day, the downtown area was mostly empty which made it an ideal time to head downtown.

All of these photos were shot with the X-Pro3 and 35mm f/2. I tried something new today with the camera settings. I turned on both the chrome and the chrome FX blue effect, as well as turned on a light grain to the photos. Everything you see below was either as shot or edited using Fuji’s own conversion software. While I like the results, I don’t think I’ll be using it often. I much prefer to go to Capture One or Lightroom, Fuji’s own software does give you the out of camera look. It’s weird that you have to connect the camera to the computer though. It’s my understanding that the camera still does the image processing.

Interestingly, the more I use the camera, I use the EVF more than the optical (at least with settings I was using today). I just really enjoy being able to get everything right in camera. Also, the flipping screen doesn’t really bother me at all. Funny, I thought it would. I can’t believe I’m going to write this, but I’m actually liking the flipping rear screen more than the stationary screen of the previous X-Pro models.

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