Amazon Spheres in Seattle. Handheld HDR Photos Processed in Lightroom CC


The Spheres is a building designed for relaxing Amazon employees. It’s a very chic building with plenty of places to relax, work, or get a coffee and snack. It’s an architectural marvel. Fortunately, they open it up twice a month for the public to come visit. You can get reservations for free online, but they fill up fast, so you need to plan your visit.

Unfortunately, they will not let you use flash or tripods, so I had to do all of these photos handheld. The Sony a7R III allows you to set up bracketed shots of up to nine exposures. All you need to do is be steady, utilize the camera’s built in image stabilization, and fire away. I decided to use Lightroom CC’s built in HDR solution for these photos. It’s not bad, honestly it does what I need and is quite convenient.

Noah Bershatsky

Noah Bershatsky

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