Golden Hour with the Olympus 45mm f/1.2


These were taken right before sundown, after a rainstorm, during the golden hour. It never really lasts an hour (more like ten minutes), but it was time to grab the camera and rush outside. The best part about the G9 is how responsive it is. I set the camera to face detect and started snapping away. Sure the micro 4/3 sensor might not be the best image capturing device out there nowadays, but you sure can’t argue with the results! Besides, a tired 6 (almost 7) year old won’t stand still or really pose that long for photos anyways.

Processed using Lightroom with Lutify.Me and ran through Perfectly Clear. The second image was a little blurry due to her movement, so I ran it through Photoshop using the Filter > Sharpen > Shake Reduction method. Then, I “faded” the effect. It’s not perfect, but helps save the shot.

Noah Bershatsky

Noah Bershatsky

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