Advanced Color Grading w/ LOG in LumaFusion Using a New App Called “Video LUT Editor” – 4K HQ Canon EOS R5

This morning, I was searching the web for tips on color grading LOG footage in LumaFusion. I ended up finding a video about an app call “Video LUT Editor.” It looked promising, so I contacted the developer about doing a review. They were happy to give me a code to download it for review purposes. ...

Smashing Pumpkins After Halloween

Vertical video shot on the Canon EOS R5 – 4K 120 FPS – Slowmo Slow Motion 50mm f/1.2 RF Music track is “firestorm (nothing but a…)” by urmymuse

8K 24P Fuji X-T4 Kaza Leather Case Review. The Controversy About Soft Shutter Releases. Thumb Grips!

Disclaimer: I shot this video after work, dadding, karate class, and probably later in the day than I should have. Please ignore the hair.

Canon EOS R5 8K DCI RAW Processing Considerations, Issues, and Workaround DaVinci Resolve / FCPX 8K

This video was edited on a PC using an i7 8700k processor, 1080 ti, and 64 GB of RAM using DaVinci Resolve. I edited it on a 4K timeline, then switched the project to 8K (with 25% preview quality under playback settings), had to reboot because I kept getting memory errors, then exported with the ...

How to Edit 8K DCI RAW from the Canon EOS R5 in DaVinci Resolve 16 with Good Performance

In this video, I share my workflow on how to edit the RAW footage from the EOS R5. If you have any suggestions on how I can improve my workflow, please share it below.

8K Leather Half Case Reviews Kaza Fuji X T4, Gariz Fuji X100V, Sony a7RIV, Lim’s Nikon Z6. EOS R5 RAW

In this video, I review and discuss various leather half cases as well as soft shutter release buttons and thumb rests. Lots of non essential photography gear that enhance the user experience.

How Weather Sealed Is Your Camera and Lens Really? Preparing your Fujifilm Fuji X100V for the Rain?

Do you trust the “weather sealing” on your camera and lens gear? Would you use it in a downpour, a light rain, etc.? In this video, I talk about the various claims of manufacturers, and the best way (that I have found) to protect your expensive gear and specifically the Fuji X100V.SHOW LESS

Social Distancing – Karate Kata Practice

The longer this social distancing / quasi quarantine goes on, the harder it’s going to be to stay in a productive training routing, eat right, and stay / get in better shape than I’m in now. My goal with documenting and watching my katas is to motivate myself to improve and see / work on ...

Practicing Karate and Working Out is Never Pretty

I’ve always loved action movies and superheroes. In my mind, if I train hard enough, I should be able to become one. The problem is, I’m getting older, I’m a family man, and I have a career. Besides that, no matter how often or how much I work out, I’m still just me. Yet, working ...

Nikon Z6 – Line Skipping / Pixel Binning? ProRes RAW vs N Log vs Flat. Which one is best?

I’m thoroughly confused which one is the best, but I think it’s between ProRes RAW and N-Log. What do you think? Leave a comment below. I adjusted exposure levels in Final Cut Pro X, but didn’t affect the colors. Also, I used the Nikon LUT for conversion on the N-Log footage. All clips were shot ...