When in Idaho, Go to a Rodeo


My main exposure to Rodeos has been down in Arizona. Down there, the people have been super cool, and I was allowed to get really close to the action to get some action shots with their permission. Idaho Falls was a different story. It was BIG BUSINESS.

Bottom line, I didn’t have a press pass from their rodeo association, and thus I couldn’t shoot pictures up and close with an interchangeable lens camera. However, they said I could use my cell phone. Just absurd. One of the employees explained it to me that everything is trademarked or something or other and I couldn’t use their likeness without permission from their association or whatever. Thus, I was relegated to the stands.

Since I was traveling on vacation, I brought along my Fuji X-T4 and a few zooms since they are lighter than my full frame gear. I was too far away from the action to get a clean / clear shots, and the X-T4’s buffer filled up too fast for my liking.

I had fun, but I would have liked to be close for the photos, also the light was getting quite dim.

In the future, I’ll have to plan better and talk to the people in charge weeks prior. The images are heavily cropped, and quite noisy. Not my best work, but I had fun.

Noah Bershatsky

Noah Bershatsky

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