University of Idaho Arboretum and Paradise Creek Brewery Trailside Taproom


Walking the U of I’s Arboretum has become a part of our trips to the Palouse. It’s easy to navigate for my mother, the scenery is nice, and it’s mostly peaceful (except for the lawn mowers and geese).

Most of the shots of this last week were taken with an X100V and my iPhone (see , but I did bring along the R5 with 24-105mm f/4L and 35mm f/1.8. The 24-105mm lens is perfect for casual travel. It’s sharp, versatile, and excels in good light. It really is a great lens. I used it for the arboretum. The 35mm f/1.8 is my least favorite RF mount lens, but it’s currently the only native 35mm lens available for the system. It was fine for the low light of the brewery.

These photos were edited in Lightroom on my iPad.

Noah Bershatsky

Noah Bershatsky

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